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Joey by Ephira Joey by Ephira
Name: Joseph W. Oswald (Joey)


Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"

Job: He currently works as a secretary at a customer service call center. He aspires to be a writer, singer, director, and actor, though.

Partner: None at the moment :)

Sexual orientation: Homosexual

:bulletblue: Quiet
:bulletblue: Stubborn
:bulletblue: Loyal
:bulletblue: Hard-working
:bulletblue: Musically talented
:bulletblue: Helpful
:bulletblue: Sarcastic
:bulletblue: Cuddly

Joey is complicated. He can be extremely sweet to those he cares about, but to everyone else he's just kind of cold. When he first meets someone he can come off as "high-and-mighty" or snooty. He's very businesslike, he just likes to get his work done and get it done well. When he's not at work, he likes to spend his free time hanging out at coffee shops, blogging, writing fan-fictions, and trying out for plays. He loves to sing, and he can play the piano and the guitar, though he'd rather be the one singing rather than playing the instrument.

He often gets mistaken for a girl, which really does bother him, but he pretends that it doesn't. If he's feeling upset, he'll often retreat to his house and kind of keep to himself for a long time. One of his favorite things to do is to curl up in front of the TV and watch Romantic Comedies. It's his guilty pleasure. He also loves reading, he tries to make a trip to the library at least once a week for a new book, and he will recommend books to anyone who will listen.

He usually bonds better with girls than with boys, as most boys he's met either think that he's creepy because he's so... straightforwardly gay, or they're not his type of person.


Joey grew up in a normal family, his mother spoiled him like crazy. He was the baby of the family, the youngest of five siblings. He often was the object of resentment with the older children, who often didn't get enough attention because of the number of them. Joey, however, always had his mom wrapped around his finger. By the time he was four he was singing along with TV shows, movies, and the radio. His mother put him in singing classes until his father put a stop to it. He said that singing was for girls, and Joey wasn't to pursue it anymore.

Through elementary and middle school, Joey did as his father said, and joined 'boys' activities, sports (every kind you can think of), shop class, math, science, boy scouts... but everything just felt wrong for Joey. He wanted to sing, to act, to dance. So, when he was a freshman in High School, he told his mom about his desire to join the Drama club, and she agreed to keep it a secret from his father. From that point on Joey was hooked, he thrived among the "Drama geeks" of the school. He loved the singing, the choreography, the writing, everything just felt right to him. It was about this time that Joey realized that he was gay.

Growing up he'd always kind of felt like he was different than the other boys, but his dad insisted that it was just a phase, that he would grow out of it. He was terrified to tell his dad how he really felt, and so he kept it from him. It wasn't until his dad walked in on him and his then boyfriend kissing that he found out. He flew into a rage, screaming that Joey was never allowed to have the boy over again. This, of course, ended the relationship, not because Joey wanted to, but because his boyfriend was so scared of being screamed at by his father again.

Joey didn't really date again after that in school, but his father constantly pressured him into asking girls out, taking them to dances, to the movies, and so forth. Joey did so, just to appease his father, but every girl understood completely at the end of the date that he was 110% on the opposite team, and that their 'date' was nothing more than just a friendship.

The second Joey graduated, he moved out and away from his parents. He still talks to his mom a lot, but his dad has refused to talk to him since his 'coming-out-of-the-closet' when he turned 19.

Extra information:
:bulletpink:His skin tone is his natural skin tone, he doesn't tan!
:bulletpink:He puts purple highlights in his hair.
:bulletpink: He has an EXTENSIVE wardrobe, and has many fashionable outfits. He also LOVES shopping and giving fashion advice to his friends.
:bulletpink: His favorite food is popcorn!
:bulletpink: He loves dogs, but he is kind of awkward around them at first.
:bulletpink: If he's working on something, he gets so into his work that everything else kind of disappears. He also will talk to himself when he's deep in thought or working.
:bulletpink: He has written a few original songs, stories, and plays, although he probably won't share them with anybody for a while.
:bulletpink: He actually HATES the nickname Joey, but every attempt at 'changing' it has failed, so he's just kind of given up.
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aah, another gay T-T
The girls are never gonna get a date

I think it's great how you incooperated how much of a struggle they can have though. A friend of mine is having the exact same problem with his father
Ephira Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD haha he's too scrawny to be with a girl anyway. But he'd be happy to take a girl on a "date" and pay for her just to have a good time ^-^
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, nah, I bet there's plenty of girls who like scrawny boys
But I bet they'll appreciate it =p
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