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Loneliness Echoes in silence or a crowd.
At times the voices around you
Do nothing but make the hole bigger.

When the emptiness grows,
It swallows you whole.

The depression that's left
From the growing loneliness,
Sends you deeper and deeper still.

Until you're so deep,
In that dark, dark depression,
That your friends become shadows in the gloom.

They reach for you,
But you pull away,
For the shadows bring fear to your heart.

For what if they hurt you,
Those shadows in the dark?
Isn't it easier to be alone?

If you know nothing of friendship,
How can you be lonely?
If you know nothing of kindness,
Can you be hurt?

But the shadows,
They live in your heart and your soul,
Those voices that keep you awake.

The loneliness dwells in naught but in you,
And you
Must find
:3 This is my (attempt at a) poem~ This was kind of inspired by Andy today so I guess  it's Andy's poem~
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Submitted on
August 6, 2014


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